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Spreading the love this Chrismas

The community members who received food parcels at the Word of Life Bible Church

Christmas came early for the less privileged in Bushbuckridge, Word of Life Bible Church decided to give back to 100 beneficiaries from Alexander, Graskop and Jim Brown.

All beneficiaries, including orphans and other senior citizens, all received food parcels, a bag of maize meal each, and a small pizza from Roman’s Pizza Dwarsloop.

“Last year, as a church, we decided that we will offer Christmas gifts to the less privileged every year around this time, so that they may also enjoy their Christmas like everyone else, some of these children don’t even know what it’s like to betaken out for pizza”, Lindiwe Ndlovu, one of the church leaders, said.

Ndlovu added that it took them about six months to identify the beneficiaries, and that no member of the church benefited because the food parcels were only meant for the community members.

“We have also decided to visit the elderly on a weekly basis to ensure that they are eating and well taken care of,” Ndlovu concluded.

Gogo Masana Mdluli was also one of the beneficiaries for the day. The 83 year old Gogo said that the church is a blessing in her life. She further said; “I would like to thank the church for their role in our lives, it might seem small but then it is more than we could have asked for, and now I know that I have food that can last me and my family for the whole month.”

The manager of Roman’s Pizza Dwarsloop, Jack Rakgoale; “We have not been physically involved through catering, and giving hope to the people, especially the elderly, so that is the reason we are involved today,” he said.

The kids at the Little Doves Drop-in Centre in Mphenyatšatši were all smiles when the members of the Elphus Lebambo Foundation along with Miss Sandriver, Nomcebo Siwela and Miss Ehlanzeni finalist Portia Mhlanga  paid them a visit recently. They donated some gifts, helped in serving the kids food and even played some games with them.

According to the founder of the Elphus Lebambo Foundation, Mr Tumelo Lebambo, they chose the centre because they saw the help the centre is offering to the kids in the village. He said they once found vulnerable kids who were living in a one-roomed house and there were quite a number of them. He explained that these kids were getting food at the Little Doves Centre hence they decided to help too.

“We decided to help them in helping kids, not just with donations but also with advices, motivation and helping the kids with their school work, especially maths. We are also helping another centre in Ximungwe. We identify centres which are in deep rural areas, the aim is to give these centres exposure so people can know about them” said Lebambo.

He added that there are people who are willing to give help to centres like these but they can’t because they don’t know about these centres as they are in deep rural areas.

Speaking to the kids, Miss Ehlanzeni finalist, Portia Mhlanga told them that the purpose of the day was to donate clothes and food to them so they wear and eat. She told them that together with the Elphus Lebambo Foundation, they collect clothes and food and donate them to kids and other vulnerable people. She told them that the clothes are in a good condition so they shouldn’t be sceptical about receiving the clothes thinking that they are in a bad condition.

She told Bushbuckridge News that she believes in giving back to the community and she also believes that there is a soul in this world that she alone can touch.

Miss Sandriver, Nomcebo Siwela encouraged the kids to put trust in God and to be respectful towards God, others and themselves. Siwela said that she entered Miss Sandriver with the purpose of bringing change towards the community, especially the youth. She said she wants to see kids growing up knowing that she’s got their backs, she wants to see them having someone to look up to and having a bright future.

A member of the Elphus Lebambo Foundation, Mr Sipho Lebambo told the kids about the difficulties he experienced as a kid travelling from Marite to Bushbuckridge High School. He told that he worked hard and managed to get financial backing for his tertiary studies from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. He said he worked even harder and then got a bursary to study at the University of Johannesburg.

He encouraged the kids to go to school and to respect their teachers. He told them that coming from a poor family shouldn’t be a hindrance to one achieving their goals because one can study even when their parents don’t have money.

Giving his address, Mr Tumelo Lebambo said he would like to thank the owners of the Little Doves Drop-in Centre for welcoming them. He also added that their foundation also gets donations from others and this time they got help from The Youth Voice, Miss Ehlanzeni, Miss Sandriver, the Mnisi family, Sedibe and a farmer by the name of Skhulile .

He added that they help centres which are in rural areas so these centres can get help too and said that they want people to know that they are helping others in rural areas.


                     Ms Gleda Malatole, the founder of the Little Doves Drop-in Centre, said she is very thankful for the love shown to them by the Elphus Lebambo Foundation. Malatole added that they are visiting the centre for the second time and said she believes that they will come again. She thanked them for what they have done for the centre.

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