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Councillor responds to Nyapela’s plea

Nyapela stands outside his dilapidated house

Councillor responds to Nyapela’s story
The local mayor of ward 14, Mr Lodrick Ndlovu has responded to the allegations of Harrison Nyapela, a senior citizen who claims to have been twice denied an RDP house by the local municipal representatives.

“As a senior citizen and pensioner, the old man deserves a proper house, however, the challenge right now is that the Human Settlements department say they don’t have sufficient money, which makes it difficult for us to assist him right away. That’s also the reason why the current RDP project in the community has been on hold lately.”

“Those living in dilapidated houses always take first priority in our list of RDP beneficiaries, and the old man should have been assisted a long time ago. I am in the process of finding alternative means to help him get a better house.”

The councillor also said that the old man’s dire situation should be attended to very soon

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