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Queen T gives back to the Khokhovela community.

Thelma Mtungwa-Wopula donated school uniforms, shoes and protective equipment to the learners of Khokhovela Primary School in Khokhovela today. Mtungwa-Wopula, who is known as Queen T said this was done in celebration of the Queen T’s 40th birthday celebration. She said the donations were supposed to be given to 50 kids from disadvantaged backgrounds but they ended up donating to almost 150 learners.
Mtungwa-Wopula said she decided to give back to her community because she grew up in Khokhovela and was raised by the community of Khokhovela. She told Bushbuckridge News that she has done these initiatives before but this is the first time she is doing it in Bushbuckridge.
“This time around, because Queen T, the company, is turning 40 and we are also celebrating the 4th anniversary of the Queen T Group, we decided to go where everything started, which is Khokhovela. That’s why we are here today, to give back to the community, to give back to the kids. The epidemic has been very stressful to almost every one. A lot of kids lost their parents. People lost their income and we saw it fit that the most important thing that we can ever do is to give a child hope, to give a child an opportunity to go to school. This way, they won’t be ashamed as they will be having school uniforms, shoes or even the protect gear needed during this Covid-19 pandemic,” said Mtungwa-Wopula.
Mtungwa-Wopula said they donated 150 pairs of shoes even though they were given a list of 50 underprivileged kids who needed shoes but they decided to do more, accommodate more kids as it is important that every kid gets a pair if not an extra pair of shoes. She said they also donated 50 white shirts and 100 face shields because school uniform is expensive and it is difficult to wash masks.
“So we have also donated washable face masks and 100 boxes of our world renowned Biogerm Focus, which is a disinfectant so kids can be safe from this epidemic,” she said.
She announced that she has adopted the school and she is going to rebuild the dilapidated administration block and a block of classes. Mtungwa-Wopula said even though this is a huge responsibility, there are a lot of well-known people who were produced by Khokhovela Primary School. She said together with some of these well-known people, they decided to come together to help, to improve their birthplace by building the administration block and helping where they can when it comes to the needs of the school.
Mtungwa-Wopula said most people know her as Girl T, from a local radio station where her career started. She said she started her radio presenting career when she was in her late teens and eventually became part of the management. She said she also worked for the provincial office and LoveLife, amongst others. She said Queen T consults all over the continent, with 16 offices Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mali, amongst others.
According to Mtungwa-Wopula, the company restructures government projects and gets funding for those projects. She added that she has been chairing a number of portfolios that focuses on uplifting young businesswomen and uplifting them in spaces which women are not occupying because her heart is very close to these issues.
She said she once had an opportunity to travel to the United States when she was selected by the then premier of Limpopo, Ngako Ramatlhodi to lead 300 young people from across the continent on a certain project. She said when she arrived in Spain, she met the Advocates for Youth who were funding the project and they took interest in her energy. She said she was placed within the office of the 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton in Washington DC to head the African desk and her main task was to advocate for young people.

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