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DJ MacG in hot water for transphobic comments.

Podcaster and former radio host Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho has come under fire for his comments about the LGBTQI+ community after he seemingly took jabs at transgender women.  MacG, who hosts Podcast and Chill with MacG, and radio host and friend Sol Phenduka were chatting about their “confusion and misunderstandings” regarding the LGBTQI+ community. Sol had some questions about why transgender women transition if they are attracted to women.

“You are going to have a sex change just to be with women? Now she’s lesbian. Why can’t you just be a man and be with a woman?” asked Sol.

MacG said he “can’t keep up” when it comes to the trans identity. They then discussed celebrities who have allegedly dated transgender women. The hosts were joking around and laughing about ‘the logistics’ of being a trans woman.

“So a trans woman, a woman with a d*ck,” said Sol.

The hosts were also making light of their conversation, with laughs all around. Twitter caught wind of the comments and hit back at the podcasters. Many accused MacG and Sol of being transphobic and against LGBTQI+ people with their comments.

“I’m so tired of people and their causal violence towards trans people. What is so hard about leaving people alone?! How has any trans person’s existence affected you in any way? Y’all are vile for fun and it literally gets people killed,” wrote one tweep.

Founder of LGBTQI+ Feather Awards Thami Kotlolo also hit back at the comments, calling on the sponsors of the podcast and letting MacG know they “need to talk”.

Most of Mzansi’s famous faces were not having any of MacG’s “transphobia” and they made sure to call him out. People such as actress Linda Mtoba, TV presenter Lumko Johnson, singer Toya Delazy, DJ Olwee and Simphiwe Dana were among many celebs who shared their opinions on the heated TL discussion.

“Homophobia is not for heterosexuals to deem as it is or isn’t. There’s no joke or misunderstanding when ppl lives are at risk, everyday. Learn to shut the f**k up sometimes,” Linda said.

“They’ve been calling us these terms in their circles, over hubbly and chats. Why aren’t they educating each other in those conversations? They can correct one another over soccer stats but they can’t tell their mate to stop using certain terms? Suddenly it needs a tutorial? FOH,” Lumko added.

However, MacG’s supporters came to his defence. Fans said that regardless of their ‘unfiltered’ comments, they still love him. Some insist that the outrage stems from jealous people who want to censor MacG.

One of his fans tweeted: “Y’all should leave MacG alone! He’s raw, unfiltered and from that video y’all are coming for him for, he didn’t offend anyone. He spoke about things that are out there… ohh konje y’all fear the truth? My bad!”

“People need to start choosing content that’s suitable for them. If you don’t like MacG why the hell are watching his podcast for ???” tweeted another.

One of MacG’s recent celebrity guests, actress Pearl Thusi, seemingly retweeted posts that supported MacG. Twitter dragged the good sis hard for the RTs and she’s since deleted them. Others, such as Jackie Phamotse, disagreed with “Black Twitter’s” aim to “hurt him where it hurts”, through “making” him lose sponsors by tagging them on social media.

This isn’t the first time the podcast host has come under fire for his comments on the LGBT+ community. In 2010, the star was taken off the air on radio station YFM for playing clips of Ugandan chairman of the National Task Force against homosexuality Pastor Martin Ssempa fuming about “sodomy and homosexuality being forbidden in Uganda”.

Listeners complained that the audio clips incited homophobia and hate speech.

Following the outrage their conversation sparked, MacG and his co-host were lambasted and have since lost one of their podcast sponsors, Old Mutual, as a result.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Old Mutual said it was aware of the discussion on MacG’s podcast and as a responsible business that fully respects the rights of everyone, it had decided to terminate its relationship with the former radio host with immediate effect.

“We distance ourselves from the harmful comments against the LGBTQI+ community and humanity at large.”

The company said MacG’s commentary was both “ignorant and insensitive”.

Despite several attempts to get a comment from MacG, he did not respond.

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