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Help Makgotso get to Thailand

Makgotso Madalane

Makgotso Madalane (20) from Violetbank will be putting Bushbuckridge on the map when she attends the Asia World Model United Nations (AWMUN) Conference in Thailand in January next year. This comes after Madalane was selected for the programme which has been put together by the International Global Network, which is an international NGO.

Despite the thrill, Madalane needs help from the public in order to cover her transport and accommodation costs since the programme was put together by an NGO. According to her, the programme will be running for four days and that is where delegates will be given a platform to represent different councils and the Boston City Campus and Business College Media Consulting student will be representing the World Health Organisation (WHO)

“I was selected after applying on the International Global Network website. We underwent a screening test and a background check before we were selected. I will be representing the WHO, which deals with different health problems around the world, they also raise awareness on different health problems from different parts of the world, and for example, Ethiopia is a poverty stricken country which has a high number of malnourished kids. That is what I will be representing” she said.

Madalane also told Bushbuckridge News that being part of the conference will be helpful not just to her but to Bushbuckridge as a whole because she always wanted to run an organisation that helps the youth grow and develop leadership skills  but she didn’t have the knowledge and skills so being part of the programme will equip her with the necessary skills to be able to do that.

She added that in five years’ time she wants to see herself as a businesswoman running her media consulting and public relations company.  She called on fellow young people to work hard and be persistent as that goes a long way. She said they should focus on their studies. Madalane called upon anyone who knows of a potential sponsor or anyone who can help her with funds to contact her on 079 546 7518

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