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Operation went horribly wrong

Promise Shikwambane with her son and grandfather showing her wounds

Promise Sikwambane is calling for the Department of Health’s intervention. This comes after the 27 year-old Promise gave birth through Cesarean section (by operation) in 2016 at the Matikwana hospital in Mkhuhlu.

It is reported that the operation went horribly wrong for the young mother, and to this day, she’s still enduring the consequences of the birth of her son.

“After the operation, I realised I had a bad stitch and started experiencing pains due to the internal damage whenever I visit the ladies’ room,” she said.

“I then went back to the same hospital for help. They operated on me again, inserted a tube inside my stomach and later transferred me to Themba hospital in Ngodini.”

Promise says she was told at that the tube would assist her to urinate and that the wound would be healed in no later than six months after which the tube would have to be removed.

“Six months later, on the 25th of January this year, I was then referred to a gynaecologist to be stitched again. They then delayed again and told me to come back on the 18th of February for the removal of the tube, and again I was turned back and told to come back on the 14th of March,” Sikwambane added.

“My concern is that they keep postponing the dates as if I’m the one who made the mistake and not them. I am in pain and can’t even go to work, I don’t have money to travel back and forth anymore,” she concluded.

“My granddaughter is suffering, I fear that if the operation doesn’t work out she won’t be able to live like a normal person ever again, I can see she is in pain. She needs help urgently,” Aaron Sikwambane, the grandfather said.

The Mpumalanga Department of Health spokesperson, Dumisani Malamule responded, saying; “As a department, we would appreciate if we can be given time to investigate the matter further so that proper facts of what happened and what solution can be brought forward that will also contribute into assisting the patient can be dealt with.”

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