Taxi strike turns violent

The situation got out of hand outside the Acornhoek police station on Wednesday morning when taxi marshals from Bushbuckridge in Acornhoek marched peacefully to Acornhoek police station in order to submit their memorandum of grievances whereby they are concerned with the high number of potholes on the roads which disturbs their normal lives.

They no longer work well due to theses potholes and even the passengers turn away sometimes during rainy seasons because the road is bad. With all that said this had led to the march wherein taxi marshals saw it fit to include every road user to march with them and this led to schools and shops around Bushbuckridge to be closed.

But this did not bear in good fruits because when they arrive at Acornhoek police station things started to get worse as the taxi marshals began throwing bricks and burning tyres on the roads. All this led police to take action against them, as they began firing rubber bullets to disperse the crowds. The crowd people ran for their lives some of the people got injured they had to be taken to Tintswalo Hospital in Acornhoek.

Meanwhile, some of the people who got aggressive during the march got arrested they were taken into custody and they are expected to appear before the magistrate court soon.

Speaking to Bushbuckridge News, MEC of Public works, roads and transport Sasekani Manzini said, “the issue of the road from Acornhoek to Manyeleti is not in a good condition hence in our budget for this financial year we have put allocation that we are going to reseal the whole road because we have seen that closing potholes become a problem if the road is already damaged, so we have a plan to make sure that we reseal all the areas along the roads and also the other roads going to Thulamahashe.” Manzini further said that as a department they will start repairing the road permanently within two weeks.

“I want to apologize for all the things that happened and from my observation, you were not doing anything wrong, you marched peacefully. We were surprised to see the police firing rubber bullets we never saw anything wrong you were not a threat to us and those who got arrested we are busy dealing with the issue for them to be released. You were here to hand over the memorandum and your representatives came to us first and we have the answers to your problems. You are our government so the police cannot act in this way in our name we don’t want to fight because you were not fighting also.” Concluded MEC Manzini.


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