Telling the untold stories

Six high schools and six primary schools will participate in the storytelling programme hosted by Handbook Media, Radio Bushbuckridge and other stakeholders such as the National Lotteries Commission. “The idea is just simple, we have a lot of extraordinary stories to celebrate, but then we do not have a platform to tell these stories. So, we have started a project with Radio Bushbuckridge where we are currently at a stage where are training our facilitators and staff, to go to schools and teach learners about storytelling.” “We have identified 12 schools within Bushbuckridge which will all become beneficiaries of the project. The project was funded by the National Lotteries Commission. We have an element of storytelling as black people. Therefore, we aim to celebrate our heritage and revive the culture of storytelling. “We have heritage sites, for example the Three Rondavels, there are many untold stories, and we should embrace them,” Kwinda added. The six high schools will focus more on serious stories, which require a lot of research such as heroism, while the primary schools will be taking part in the folklores and fairy-tale stories. “All participating schools will be given money at the end of the programme as a token of appreciation as a way of encouraging them, but then at the end of the day there will be a showcase where all the schools will come together and choose the best narrator”. The programme will run up until heritage month, which is September. Kwinda said the good thing about the programme is that it will leave a legacy behind in terms of a rehearsal studio which may be used by the station and community at large in the long run.

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