VT Toppers album launch

The name VT Toppers might be familiar to some people who love Hip-Hop music; mostly to people who come from Violet Bank in Bushbuckridge the crew began creating hits at. Nhlanhla Mamba (23), Thapelo Khoza (21), Mpho Chiloane (22) and Bright Mohlala (22) are the brains behind the name VT Toppers, a hip hop crew, managed by Siyabonga Ndlovu, a local filmmaker.

It all started in 2016 when Mamba, famously known as Quu Topper, a poet in his own right, decided to recite his poems over sampled beats. He then met up with Chiloane, also known as Mcee Topper who was only producing beats for fun at the time. According to Mamba, that is when he discovered his other talent behind the microphone, and from there onwards; Khoza and Mohlala were tagged along, and in pursuit of a crew name that accommodated them all.

The crew has since grown in leaps and bounds over the past two years. Nhlanhla says their biggest motivation comes from the love and support they receive from family, friends and the community. “Although we all come from religious families, it gives us motivation to work hard, knowing that they have our backs, even though we’re doing hip hop music,” he said.

Toppers say they are ready to give Bushbuckridge and South Africans a taste of what they have been doing in studio for the past nine months a debut album titled: Pray, which will be dropping on the 8th of December 2018. Their debut album will be dedicated to former crew member, Pro M, who passed away in June last year.

“Our fortunes changed when we met up with Billy Boy, who then introduced us to DJ Soft, Bassbin, JOP and other producers from Bushbuckridge,” said Khoza, famously known as K-Lash.

“The album will be launched on the 8th of December, we will be promoting the ‘Bush is not a jungle’ brand,” added Mohlala.

Their album launch will be titled: Super Weekend, which is tan event they host in their village after every six months, where they will invite well-known artists from around to entertain the crowd, and with hit songs such as Dikolotong, Mzondi, Akalaleli and others already dominating the charts, one can definitely look forward to hearing them at the launch.



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