“We didn’t choose to be disabled”

The Chairperson of the Disabled People South Africa in Mpumalanga, Mr Sipho Mashego has called on both government departments and the private sector to recognise the disabled people. He was speaking at the Plough Back to the Communities music school award ceremony, which was held at the Dwarsloop sports ground on Saturday.

“We are also human beings,” he said. “Please also pass the message onto the mayor, we deserve to be treated fairly like everyone else in Bushbuckridge, and today, for having been recognised by the music school, we feel very much honoured, and we should be included in many other programmes of this nature.”

“Pastors, please also fix accessibility at the churches, we should also feel welcomed like everyone else. We equally deserve the same opportunities. We don’t strike and vandalise property. Remember, nothing about us without us. We didn’t choose to be disabled, it’s just a condition that could affect anyone. Private companies, please employ us also, we’re capable.”

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